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 Wire Tech is constantly expanding to accommodate the  latest technology in the EDM Sink and Wire industry. Our company is equipped with the most    advanced WEDM, EDM and fast hole drilling machines available. Most machines capable of running wire sizes from .004 - .014. Cutting areas range from 19.7" x 13.8" x 11.8" tall.  We specialize in four axis contouring. Our facility is equipped with the following machines:

    90HA Mitsubishi,90C Mitsubishi, (3)- FX10 Mitsubishi, FX10k Mitsubishi, FX20K Mitsubishi, FX20 Mitsubishi


Our Newest additions:

Our two FA-10V lead the way at 47sq"/hr in hardened D2 steel
This is the world's fastest high-accuracy wire-cut EDM
New World Record Holder: 170sq"/hr in 4" aluminum
"V500" Ultra High-Speed Power Supply
Ultra high speed full time anti-electrolysis power supply
47 sq"/hr using 0.014" high-speed "V" wire in 2.5" D2 steel
40 sq"/hr using 0.012" high-speed "V" wire in 2.0" D2 steel
30 sq"/hr using 0.012" plain brass wire in 2.0" D2 steel



EX - 8 Edm Sinker

The EX - 8 has a  working areas of 9.8 x 11.8 x 9.8" .
Maximum workpiece weight ranges from 1210lb.
Traveling column design has created a saddle-less ram structure with a low center of gravity. This lighter weight system increases rigidity while reducing heat deformation for improved response.
FP power supply with LC and BEP circuitry speed up roughing times and improve large area electrode finishing.Fuzzy Pro with MF adapter automatically adjusts machining current to match the electrode surface area in contact with the workpiece.E.S.P.E.R. is the new easy simple programming system that makes multicavity programming a snap.The EX-8 is also equipped with SP Circuitry which is especially important when cutting carbide.


 Current CNC Ct300

Our fast hole drilling machines are used to drill holes in many types of material from aluminum, carbide and any steel hard or soft. With holes sizes from .004 -.250 diameter as tall as 11" high.

With our CNC machine we can drill many holes in each part using our off line programming station which allows us to check locations before any drilling begins

Our current CNC  is a submerged machine allowing us to drill holes on difficult angles and without over burning on surfaces. We have the capabilities to drill production runs or single parts


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